Preditox : genetic assays for safety use

Cellular models

Updated : 10/10/2017

The two biomarkers studied, the phosphorylated histones H2AX and H3, are present in cell, which allowed us to work with any cell type. We can offer you a wide range of human cell lines, adherent or in suspension, coming from different target organs of chemicals toxicity.

Moreover, the advantage of working with several cell lines having characterized bioactivation capacities is that we take into account the possible need of compound bioactivation in the observed effect. So we can efficiently differentiate direct genotoxins (topoisomerase inhibitors for example) from bioactivated genotoxins (BaP or AFB1 for example).

Adherent or in suspension cell lines

Adherent cell lines Original organ Internal metabolic activity
HepG2 Liver ++
HepaRG Liver ++
LS-174T Colon +
ACHN Kidney
SH-SY5Y Brain +
MCF-7 Breast
HaCat Keratinocyte
A549 Lung
Suspension line Origin Internal metabolic activity
TK6 lymphoblast

Other possible cellular models

  • Primary culture
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)
  • Other...