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Services and protocol

Updated : 10/10/2017

We realize the γH2AX/pH3 assay for you in our laboratory with your samples. The PrediTox laboratory have all tools and equipment for the realization of this method and the team have experience in the data interpretation.

Sending modalities: Samples can be sent by post or by transporter. In order to ensure the stability of the products and to guarantee their quality, the tested compounds should be sent in refrigerated container.

PrediTox ensures you an analytical speed: we guarantee the delivery of the results in most cases within 2 weeks after the week of receiving the products.

The PrediTox expertise: the expertise and the strong involvement of its toxicologists allows PrediTox to help its clients in the data interpretation. Any analysis will result in a complete confidential report, including all results and their analysis.

PrediTox, an available and reactive team: from the elaboration of a quotation to the invoicing, we try to satisfy you all as best as possible everyday life, in a permanent concern for improvement of our services.

PrediTox team continually ensures the quality of the analyzes realized in order to validate its main objectives, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cell line(s)The cell line(s) that fit with your project.
Compound requirementsOf the order of the milligram, in powder or in solution.
Concentration testedSeveral concentrations are tested, located in the window corresponding to the visualization of a genotoxic effect until the visualization of a dominant cytotoxic effect. The highest concentration also depends on the solubility of your compound.
ReplicationsMinimum three replicates tested independently
Processing timeGenerally 24 hours exposure, but other exposure times are possible (2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 3 days...)
Quality controlsThe negative and positive controls are specific to the cell line used and the product tested. Run in each experiments.
TechnologyDetection directly in-cellulo with the In-Cell Western technique.
End-point genotoxicityA product is genotoxic when there are a statistically significant increase of 30% in the phosphorylation of H2AX or H3 compared to the DMSO.
End-point cytotoxicityA product is cytotoxic when there are a significant decrease in the cell viability of 50%.