Preditox : genetic assays for safety use


Updated : 10/10/2017

γH2AX/pH3 assay

An innovative and predictive genotoxicity assay that we have developed and validated.


We work from any type of samples and with small quantity.

Cellular models

We can offer you a wide range of human cellular models in order to respond to your needs.


PrediTox is a young innovative company that commits to support its clients in evaluating the genotoxic and potentially carcinogenic properties of their compounds.

With more than 10 years of expertise in the study of genotoxicity, the PrediTox team will meet your expectations thanks to its innovative technique as soon as possible.

Since our assay adapts to any compounds and can be carry out on any type of human cell lines, we are able to offer you personalized studies.

Our goal is to provide quality information to our customers to help you in your R&D works or in your various projects, while reducing animals use.