• Mail : contact@preditox.fr
  • Adresse : 31100 Toulouse, France
  • Mail : contact@preditox.fr
  • Address : 31100 Toulouse, France

Environmental and food studies

Environmental and food studies

PrediTox supports you in your various toxicity studies to verify the safety and absence of chemical or natural contaminants in your environmental samples or from raw materials and finished food products.

Sample analysis

The analysis of samples of water, soil or sediments to study the possible contamination and the carcinogenic risk due to many compounds such as pesticides, metals or drug residues is a major issue for human health.

These chemical contaminants, as well as natural contaminants such as mycotoxins, are found in water or in our diet. That’s why PrediTox works with agribusinesses and manufacturers to verify the safety of raw materials and finished products in the food chain and environmental samples.


Genotoxicity assay

To meet your needs, PrediTox offers a complete and alternative genotoxicity test to the animal experiment, the PrediScreen assay (γH2AX/pH3 assay), to evaluate the safety of your samples from the environment or from raw materials and finished food products.

Our technique is designed to be fast and reliable, without any loss of sensitivity or specificity.

Antioxidant effect

On the skin, oxidation is a major phenomenon responsible for cellular aging because it damages the cells and contributes to their degeneration.

In cosmetics, an antioxidant can help skin fight against free radicals, and limit premature cutaneous aging.

In order to meet this demand, PrediTox offers you the PrediProtect test to study the antioxidant effect of your ingredients and finished cosmetics.


Characterizing the toxicity and carcinogenic potential of samples from the environment or from raw materials and finished food products is of major interest to human health.
et produits finis alimentaires est un intérêt majeur pour la santé humaine.

In order to help you in this process, PrediTox carries out tailor-made studies according to your needs and can offer you the following technical specifications :
et peut vous proposer les spécifications techniques suivantes :


– food : raw materials and / or finished products
– environment: water, soil, sediment …
– small quantities

Lignées cellulaires

Wide choice of human cell lines available


– preparation of a solution from your
sample (DMSO, water, etc.)
– different concentrations and dilutions tested
– treatment time of your choice
– internal negative and positive controls
– at least biological triplicate


Complete confidential report including all raw results and their analyzes within 15 days.