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  • Adresse : 31100 Toulouse, France
  • Mail : contact@preditox.fr
  • Address : 31100 Toulouse, France

Antioxidant effect

PrediProtect assay

Antioxidant compounds help protect our body against free radicals and thus, permit the prevention of many diseases and aging. They can be of natural or synthetic origin.

How does it work ?

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced during intrinsic cell metabolism but are also generated by extrinsic agents such as ultraviolet radiation, drugs and other chemicals such as environmental pollutants.

ROS induce DNA damage in cells and is a mutagenesis factor, implicated in cell aging and carcinogenesis processes.

Antioxidants counteract this oxidative stress and thus protect our cells.

Our assay

The study of phosphorylation of histone H2AX (γH2AX) makes it possible to detect compounds with different mechanisms of action, including oxidative stress. Indeed, it has been demonstrated in many studies induction of γH2AX following oxidative stress induced by treatment with pro-oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, menadione, KBrO3…

The PrediProtectassay developed by PrediTox by the study of γH2AX, permits to determine the antioxidant effect of a compound next to an oxidative stress on human cell lines.

Application example

Results obtained from model compounds on the HepG2 cell line, with the PrediScreen, PrediProtect and PrediRepair tests.

a γH2AX assay
b pH3 assay
c γH2AX or pH3 assay
d stress induced by menadione
e DNA damage induced by different model compounds