• Mail : contact@preditox.fr
  • Adresse : 31100 Toulouse, France
  • Mail : contact@preditox.fr
  • Address : 31100 Toulouse, France

DNA repair

PrediRepair assay

The genome of cells can be damaged by different types of DNA damage, whether endogenous or exogenous. If these damages are not repaired correctely, the consequences can be important for the cell and can lead to a carcinogenesis process.

How does it work ?

Numerous response mechanisms to DNA damages and tolerance pathways have been developed by the cells of our body in order to specifically repair each type of lesion.

Activating these mechanisms, endogenously or exogenously, effectively protects our DNA and the cells of our body, in order to prevent the development of a carcinogenesis process.

Our assay

The study of the phosphorylation of histone H2AX (γH2AX) by the PrediRepair assay allows the detection of compounds that induce different types of DNA damage and thus allows the study of compounds able to promote the repair of damaged DNA.

Application example

Results obtained from model compounds on the HepG2 cell line, with the PrediScreen, PrediProtect and PrediRepair tests.


a γH2AX assay
b pH3 assay
c γH2AX or pH3 assay
d stress induced by menadione
e DNA damage induced by different model compounds