Preditox : genetic assays for safety use


Updated : 10/10/2017

Spin-off to the INRA's UMR 1331 Toxalim, PrediTox commits to support, in France and internationally, the strong growth regulatory and societal demands about the genotoxicity study of compounds using alternative tests preserving the animal (REACH program).

Composed of genotoxicity experts, the PrediTox company continually assures the quality of the analyzes carried out in order to validate its main objective: customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Team

Laure Khoury

Laure Khoury is CEO and co-founder of PrediTox company. Toxicology engineer since 2012, she is specialized in the genotoxicity of xenobiotics. She allowed the development and the validation of the γH2AX/pH3 assay realized with the In-Cell Western technique.

Marc Audebert

Co-founder, Dr. Marc Audebert carried out his thesis and his first post-doctoral on DNA damage and repair. Since 2006, he is researcher at INRA ToxAlim and works on the genotoxicity of food contaminants. He is a board member of the French Genotoxicity Society (SFTG) and of the European Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EEMGS). Marc Audebert is the inventor of the γH2AX/pH3 assay. He is the author of more than 30 publications in refereed journals and participates in numerous meeting.